E-commerce Has Come a Long Way. And This Project is a Proof of That.

I had to move into a new house a few months ago. And being an avid e-commerce buff and an evangelist of sorts, I decided to conduct an experiment - to try and furnish the house without ever stepping into a brick and mortar store. 

All the furniture, wall, floor and lighting decor, almost all the electronics, hardware fittings like kitchen sink, door latches, and many of the plants you see below were sourced through online channels.
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If They Really Cared About Mankind, They'd Make Internet Cheap; Not Free

It's ironic when a firm like AIRTEL, which has perhaps among the most expensive internet access rates in Bangalore if not India, goes on record to say something like this.

"There are millions of Indians who think that the internet is expensive and do not know what it can do for them. We believe that every Indian has the right to be on the internet. " 

And it's clear from everything around that FACEBOOK and AIRTEL both really don't understand what net neutrality is all about. Which is surprising again, since by now just about everyone else does.

To understand why FACEBOOK doesn't seem to get it, first read this article on Gizmodo.

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[Update] I'm a Flipkart First Member - But I'll be shopping at Amazon now

The background

I've been shopping at Amazon since 8 years now; long before Amazon India started. I travel often to the Bay Area and I've picked up brilliant things at their US site.

So, when Amazon came to India, I was ecstatic. But yet I continued to do a majority of my shopping on Flipkart.

I actually wanted to nudge myself to use Flipkart more often; so I even signed up for their Flipkart First program. Primarily since, I knew that Amazon had the resources to survive anyway and Flipkart seemed like one of the few firms capable of providing a healthy competition. Their UI was great, logistics seemed well taken care of and I was often amazed as to how well put together the whole thing was. So, I've bought things at Flipkart even when they were available for lesser at Amazon.

With e-commerce accounting to less than 4% of India's retail market, there was a lot of scope for anyone capable to grow and prosper. And as a consumer, I wanted both Amazon & Flipkart to thrive.
I care very little about platforms like SnapDeal. I've given up on them. Quite a few of my colleagues & friends have too.

But, two things in the recent past have ticked me off about Flipkart.

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Good Flashlight for spotting wildlife

I mostly use one on my treks.

  • A good flashlight will help you spot a lot of wildlife. 
  • It should be able to give out a focussed beam so you can easily view the high forest canopy or even the adjacent hillock. 
  • Too much spread is as much an issue as too narrow a beam.

At 1700 INR, this flashlight is simply unbeatable. It is so impressive, that you'll find the rest of your group talking about it. It's got just the right amount of spread and focus. I've got no words. And it hands down beats others which sell for probably 5K or more.

You will be amazed.

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