[Update] I'm a Flipkart First Member - But I'll be shopping at Amazon now

The background

I've been shopping at Amazon since 8 years now; long before Amazon India started. I travel often to the Bay Area and I've picked up brilliant things at their US site.

So, when Amazon came to India, I was ecstatic. But yet I continued to do a majority of my shopping on Flipkart.

I actually wanted to nudge myself to use Flipkart more often; so I even signed up for their Flipkart First program. Primarily since, I knew that Amazon had the resources to survive anyway and Flipkart seemed like one of the few firms capable of providing a healthy competition. Their UI was great, logistics seemed well taken care of and I was often amazed as to how well put together the whole thing was. So, I've bought things at Flipkart even when they were available for lesser at Amazon.

With e-commerce accounting to less than 4% of India's retail market, there was a lot of scope for anyone capable to grow and prosper. And as a consumer, I wanted both Amazon & Flipkart to thrive.
I care very little about platforms like SnapDeal. I've given up on them. Quite a few of my colleagues & friends have too.

But, two things in the recent past have ticked me off about Flipkart.

• • •