A Free Oil Change at Shell Stations Will Cost You. A Lot.

The oil change and the '12 point checkup' is free since you will be charged exorbitantly on every consumable you purchase.

1. Lubricant price at Shell Station: 5140/- INR VS Sale price elsewhere: 2900/- INR
  • For a 4 liter can of Shell Helix 5W-40, A Shell station will bill you 5140/- INR. 
  • You you could get the same genuine product on Amazon from Shell authorized distributors for 2900/- INR. 
  • Shell station will argue that 5140/- is the MRP price listed on the bottle - and indeed it ts. Unfortunately though this is one additional case where the concept of a 'Maximum Retail Price', instead of becoming a way to protect the consumer, has become a way to fleece them. Exorbitantly high MRPs are printed on goods and dealers then just try their luck selling the product for whatever the best price they could get. 
  • Many products often thus contain way over than 100% margin 
2. Oil Filter price at Shell Station: 399/- INR VS Compatible genuine Bosch Oil Filter: 140/- INR

3. Shell stations knows about the pricing variance
  • The staff will acknowledge and sympathize with you. But probably right after they've drained your oil. 
  • And by then its too late. 
But, in a larger context, its the MRP which needs to be blamed.
Shell petrol stations are just able to well exploit it.

• • •