Too Much Hustle, or Just Enough?

I receive my share of mail solicitations. But, this below by far was the most concise and interesting. 
----- X -----

I don’t want to keep bombarding you with emails, but my job is to follow up persistently on strong potential matches, which is why I’ve continued to hustle.

However, I haven’t heard from you yet, and maybe one of these reasons sums up why?
  1. You already use a different trade show for new leads.
  2. Right now isn’t the best time to talk about Trade Shows, and I should check back in at a later date.
  3. You’ve fallen and can’t get up. In that case, please let me know and I’ll call 911 for you.
Please let me know which one it is, because I’m starting to worry that it might be No. 3.
If none of these reasons are the case, could I have an opportunity to explain how valuable our Trade Show series would be to your team?

When do you have 10 minutes to talk ?

Thanks for your time today.

• • •