4 Problems With The Elevated Bus Concept

Many a magazine enthusiastically covered the idea of the elevated bus concept from China.

The concept in itself though is riddled with problems which seem rather hard to solve

1. Lane changes & turns 
Imagine the cars under the bus trying to take a turn or change into the lanes which aren't straddled by the bus. The bus could move in behind you, while you transited into these adjacent lane. The car will either get crushed or dragged along for a distance and then simply spun around.
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China Seems Unstoppable

(Image courtesy: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bginch88/)

Between all the China discussions in my circles, several have predicted doom and despair for China. Sky high corporate debt, state sponsored zombies, high interference in the stock market and currency and low domestic consumption - everything was supposed to be stacked against it.

But there's something about China which reminds me of a quintessential magician - pulling rabbits out of a hat and being able to do so time and time again. So I've maintained, that while China does have its share of problems, what it also has ingenuity and the capacity to intervene at a massive scale. As a global suppliers, in many ways, they quite literally, have the world eating out of their hands.

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A Certain Prediction

Predictions often go wrong. Unfortunately, its commonplace that the predictions which do come true are celebrated extensively, leaving many to believe that true, enlightened visionaries do exist.

But history has shown that, a majority of predictions often go wrong. And rightly so, there are several statements on the act of prediction. Here's another

"I never really make predictions and I never will." -Paul Gascoigne

I'd like to throw a few into the mix.
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