World's Fastest Supercomputer is soon going to be ARM based

Image hosted and courtesy of IISc

There was a supercomputer story which broke ground on 20th June at the International Server Conference, which  got missed by most of Indian media. But it's very compelling any way you look at it.

The background:
  • India’s Sahasrat is supposed to have capacity of around 1.46 PetaFlops. (as per public sources)
  • China’s Sunway-TaihuLight is supposed to have a capacity in excess of 100 PetaFlops(public sources)
But, Fujitsu announced at on 20th June that they are building a
1000 Petaflop ARM based supercomputer for Japan’s RIKEN institute.

Some international magazines did pick this news up:
This effort is part of Japan's 'Post-K' supercomputer program(The ‘K' is their current supercomputer)

Basically, once Japan's new supercomputer goes live, it will be
  • 10 times more powerful than the fastest supercomputer in the world today.
  • and around 700 times more powerful than the fastest supercomputer in India today. 
Either way we look at it, India seems way behind in the supercomputing race.
And China’s Sunway-TaihuLight is no more a benchmark
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