7 Ways to Ruin Your Next Pitch

My last post, 'The Power Of Presentations' was based on my experiences as a presenter. So it was only fair, that I wrote a follow up post from another perspective; the perspective in which I was at the receiving end of presentations.

Most points listed below stand true for presentations of any kind. But these here are drawn specifically from interactions with PR agencies. Individually or collectively, these mistakes made by agency personnel ended up sticking out like a sore thumb or worse, failed to win them the business all together.

So, here go the 7.

1. Not researching the client inside out

If you are a PR agency, then a new client has reached out to you, since they have a reasonably established intent to improve their public image or outreach. And you're trying to demonstrate that you understand their business & products well. Consequently, besides showcasing how you plan to address their needs, you also need to showcase that you see the problems they currently have, and even the ones which they've probably overlooked.
To do this, you'll need to research extensively on their recent outreach campaigns, their markets, their business models, and even their partners' & competitors' outreach programs.
No amount of team swag can compensate for sub-standard research.

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