The lesser heard challenges of IoT

In mid 2015, US ran out of IPv4 addresses. This is the 32-bit addressing system we’ve relied on since the 80s. And it supports around 4.3 billion IPs.

Mid of 2016, a company in the UK strapped around a dozen pigeons with small backpacks which hosted an air quality monitoring unit, and set them free across the city of London. One could then tweet and get local air quality metrics as a response.  ​

I often refer to it as the 'Internet of Pigeons'.

The two events are completely disconnected. But two takeaways:
  1. We’re adding connected devices at an exponential pace.
  2. Since a while now, it’s been rather easy to put together connected devices. Integration takes work no doubt, but the technology itself is rather mainstream. 
Many imagine IoT to be these discretely sized, yet swarm like, ubiquitous devices. But whether its cars, homes, warehouses or personal assistants, they’re all getting connected. They’re all IoT.

Typically, security is the most discussed concern when it comes to internet connected things. So, I’ve put together a list of some of the lesser heard challenges of IoT.

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